In past ages, the ancient Yoga wisdom reached a high level of mastery from thousands of years of continual research. As the Dark Age descended, the sciences of Yoga and Astrology became completely separate branches of study. These sciences have been cut off from each other for thousands of years. Since their separation, Yoga and Astrology have become over specialized, complex and diluted by different cultural and folk traditions.

Everything in the universe is connected. "As above so below; As within, so without." Astro Yogini's spiritual journey has led her to reunite the ancient practices of Yoga and Astrology. When practiced together, these sciences provide a holistic path to physical/emotional/spiritual healing and growth.

  • Yoga develops physical strength, balance and flexibility and calms the emotions of the practitioner. Breathing and meditation techniques, used alongside asana practice, help to develop a healthy body and more peaceful state of mind.

  • Astrology provides one with knowledge of archetypes, planetary transits and aspects, and how they manifest for us on Earth. Understanding your astrological birth chart provides you with a useful road map to use while navigating your life journey.

Astro Yogini offers astrological birth chart readings and also applies her astrological knowledge to her yoga teaching practice.

What is life, if not art? Astro Yogini is passionate about drawing symbolic pictures and incorporates spiritual archetypes and themes into her artwork. Also, a successful jewelry artist, Astro Yogini creates tribal jewelry using natural materials.

Exciting News!!!
August 17-21, 2018

Join us for a fun-filled magical adventure!

Astro Yogini is ecstatic to host a 4 Night Magick Adventure Retreat in Salem, MA.

Activities include: Beach Yoga, Birth Chart Readings, SUP, Kayaking, a Sunset Boat Ride and so much more!

Please check Yoga Lessons & Retreats for more details.