Since I was a young child, my ‘eyes have been wide open in the dark.’  Born with an acute awareness of the open door between the worlds, I set out on a quest to uncover and understand all that is esoteric and taboo. My earliest desire to uplift and connect with others steered my spiritual mission to be one of service and healing.

Questions such as, 'Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What happens when we die?' arose early on in my mind. Intent on finding the answers, I set out looking for proof, insistent that objective, factual, practical realities are everything. An avid reader, I thought that the library might provide me with information regarding my mysterious existence. However, upon entering the library, my instincts led me to books about children with psychic abilities. I recognized my own natural intuitive/empathic abilities early on and it wasn't long before I was practicing meditation techniques to further enhance my telepathic faculties.

As a teenager, my unusual interests broadened to include the study of pagan ritual, tarot, yoga, astrology and holistic healing. Intuitively, I knew that it was essential that I understand my own spiritual life purpose-- who I am at my deepest and darkest layers, before I could assist others in uncovering their own natural abilities and soul path. My passion for helping others transition through the more difficult crossroads in life led me to pursue a B.A. degree in Psychology. My interests in higher learning, steeped in tradition and ancient wisdom, guided me to work as an administrator in the field of Higher Education, where I later earned a M.A. degree.

After college, my love of both astrology and yoga deepened and I began to significantly intensify my studies. Evolutionary Astrology (EA) soon caught my attention and I enrolled in Steven Forrest’s EA apprenticeship program in Calistoga, CA. What most drew me to EA is its emphasis on the soul's continual evolution over the course of many lifetimes. EA uses the birth chart to provide valuable insight regarding the karmic patterns, habits and addictions that may be preventing a soul from moving toward a more enlightened state.

My spiritual journey led me on to further develop my yoga practice and to expand upon my yogic knowledge and teaching skills. I received Hatha/Vinyasa yoga teacher certification from Angelica Govaert at Sin City Yoga and advanced certification to teach yoga on stand-up paddle boards (SUP) from Amelia Travis at Stoked Yogi.

As an Empath, I am highly attuned to energy patterns and can see where adjustments can be made to assist you with family issues, career, love and life journey. I have been intuitive all of my life and studied with world-renowned psychic Debra Lynne Katz in the field of Clairvoyance Readings. Clairvoyance training has further enhanced my ability to see directly into the deepest parts of your soul, to see all that you can become.

Exploring my ‘inner Shaman,’ I immerse myself with different ideas, fresh approaches, and innovative paths. I integrate all of my learning into my healing work, exposing you to exciting possibilities, new visions and ways to evolve.

Om Shanti.

Astro Yogini/Shannon Brianne