Art & Jewelry

Día de Muertos

Drawing is one of my many passions. In 2014, I began drawing magical imagery for an Oracle Deck that can be described as very personal and heartfelt. My illustrations are symbolic, vibrant, and colorful. Each drawing is 8" X 11" inches.

The Seer
While the pieces shown here are not for sale, I am willing to negotiate if one of my drawings especially calls to you.

I am also more than happy to draw a commissioned piece, made just for you!

Creating tribal feather jewelry has become another hobby of mine. Birds have long inspired me to find my wings and personal freedom. Some feathers that I often work with include: Turkey, Chicken, Goose, Blue Jay, White Ibis and even Tropical Macaw! Basically, any and all feathers that I find along my travels! I thourougly clean and sterilize all feathers before dying with all natural colorful dyes. Once dry, I lovingly create angelic earrings and head pieces to adorn on beautiful Goddesses and Gods everywhere!

Would you like a custom-made headband or a pair of feather earrings created just for you?! If so, please email me your preferences (color, feather type, etc.) and I will customize your jewelry to your liking.